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Olympus Collection

Welcome to the Third collection from Ellington Timepiece – The Olympus Collection. Designed and created in early 2020 the anticipated wait is now over!

The Olympus collection has been created in homage to the Olympian Gods and Goddess of Greek Mythology. With each God and Goddess symbol replacing the 12 on the dial, along with three unique male and female designs, you can be sure of your very exclusive one of a kind design to add to your collection of watches and jewellery.

Each watch comes in a luxury, eco-friendly white stone-effect box, with an authenticity numbered scroll. These are the perfect gifts for any occasion, or as a special purchase for yourself.


Welcome to the Ellington Inspiration Jewellery line. The latest additions to our collection that make a difference.

Why Ellington

Here at Ellington Timepiece, we not only create high quality watches at affordable prices, but we also create unique – one of a kind designs with each collection having its own story and meaning, and every watch within that collection coming with a numbered certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.

We are also a brand that is creating awareness and making a difference through our products. To read more please click the link below.

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Teri Ellington's

Ellington Timepiece was created by 24-year-old Teri Elizabeth Ellington. Designing the first collection in her bedroom, she created the limited-edition Sheba range.

Through the last two years, the brand has been built by her story, and the products themselves have been featured in national and international newspapers.

Creating awareness for mental health through her own story, Ellington Timepiece has become more than just a watch line.

To read more please click the link below.

Ellington Timepiece founder, Teri Ellington