The story behind our Father’s Day photos.

Ever wondered about the story behind the photos you see? Well, the photos on our Fathers day homepage have a unique and special meaning to our brand, Ellington Timepiece. The man in the photos is Norman Ellington, our creator and designer of Ellington Timepiece, Teri Ellington’s Grandad. Teri has often spoke about the story behind Ellington Timepiece, but has also spoken about where the passion for watches come from.

Norman Ellington with his first son (left photo bottom and right photo bottom). Norman Ellington holding Teri Ellington as a baby ( top left photo). Shop our Mens Gold and Silver Amare

Growing up in the North east of England, Norman Ellington was an electrician, he raised two sons. Steven Ellington and Teri’s Dad, Martyn Ellington. At the age 30 Norman Ellington began collecting watches.

Norman Ellington with Teri Ellington’s brother. Shop our Mens Gold Amare

As Teri grew up, Norman began showing the collections. This was the start of Teri’s interest with fashion and watches. Teri would often see her grandad change the batteries, links and purchasing watches on family trips out to town. The family joke is often used in interviews with Teri stating ” if we lost him, he was sure to be in front of a jewellers looking at the watches!” .

This video shows the life of Norman Ellington, growing up in the Northeast of England. He captured his most precious moments on camera. We used these photos and videos to create our Father’s day video. Wearing the Men’s Gold Amare in this video, Norman is always sure to get his Ellington Timepiece watch before anyone else, adding his granddaughters watches to his life long collection.

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