Behind the Brand

Ellington Timepiece Ltd was created by twenty three year old, Teri Elizabeth Ellington. The unique watch line was born in 2017. Designing watches from her bedroom, the Sheba Collection was created. With her last eighty pound after losing her job two months before Christmas, Teri started the business with her first design, The Grey Sheba. The first Limited edition collection from Ellington Timepiece Ltd was named after Teri’s Therapy German Shepherd, Sheba. Sheba became Teri’s therapy dog while suffering from a condition called agoraphobia which left her struggling to leave the house. Ellington Timepiece Ltd has shared this unique and life changing story through the watches, creating a brand that raises awareness for Mental Health.

Ellington Timepiece Ltd has become passionate about raising awareness for mental health to help make a difference. We have featured with the likes of Mind Charity and other articles speaking about this awareness as well as our brands backstory. We are a watch line that is more than a watch line, we are more than just another accessory.

Sales beyond expectation

In 2018 Ellington Timepiece Ltd featured in the Middlesbrough historic House of Fraser department store. Teri, with her own pop up stand, sold watches alongside the other high-profile watch brands. Within one weekend the stock that was included in the House of Fraser Sold out. The unique watch designs, the limited-edition certificates and USP of only 100 of each colour being available became extremely popular. Along with the back story the brands awareness began to grow.  Following the success of the Sheba collection, Teri designed the new and latest range, the Amare Collection. To read about the House of Fraser, please click here.

Here to make a difference

As a brand we want to create high quality and affordable watches. But we are a brand that also wants to make a difference. We don’t just want to be another accessory on your wrist. We want to inspire and be a voice for those who may not have one.  Here at Ellington Timepiece Ltd we create limited edition watches that tell a story and have meaning. Amare is Latin for Love; this can be to love someone or to love yourself.  The Amare collection is a special gift to be a reminder of strength and love.

We recently created our own social media movement called #yourstoryetp. Those who wear the Amare collection have shared their own journey and story with mental health, creating not only a community of watch lovers, but also a community for those who have their own journey to share. Through these notes we created our Inspiration Bracelet line, that have the quotes ‘Never Give Up’You Are Loved’ and ‘You are Enough’.  These quotes have been designed to be a special gift for those who need to see and hear these words and to bring a smile to a face.