The story behind our Father’s Day photos.

Ever wondered about the story behind the photos you see? Well, the photos on our Fathers day homepage have a unique and special meaning to our brand, Ellington Timepiece. The man in the photos is Norman Ellington, our creator and designer of Ellington Timepiece, Teri Ellington’s Grandad. Teri has often spoke about the story behind […]

A Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s day What does Mother’s Day mean to you? A mother’s love is unconditional. It is something which cannot be explained or measured – it just is. A mother’s love is protection against those who seek to harm her children. Yet a mother will open her home to those her children form friendships with. A […]

Time is of the essence when saving lives.

 Recently, I was honoured with a tour of the Redcar RNLI lifeboat station. The work that these brave volunteers do to keep our coastlines safe is nothing short of heroic. The stations and crew are run entirely by charitable donations and yet they provide an essential service. Alarmingly I was told that their call out […]

Behind the Brand

Ellington Timepiece Ltd was created by twenty three year old, Teri Elizabeth Ellington. The unique watch line was born in 2017. Designing watches from her bedroom, the Sheba Collection was created. With her last eighty pound after losing her job two months before Christmas, Teri started the business with her first design, The Grey Sheba. The first […]

The History of the Wax Seal

Ellington Timepiece watches from the very start have come with their own authenticity numbered certificate. The Sheba collection, our first limited edition collection came with a light grey blue certificate, each one identified a number that belonged to that watch. Now in 2019 we have created the current collection, The Amare collection. Amare means to […]

To Make A Change

Here at Ellington Timepiece we want to be the brand that makes a change and raises awareness. As you may know plastic has become a great problem in the world today. With more plastic and garbage entering the ocean, more than one million sea creatures are killed every year. According to a report from the […]


#YOUR STORY ETP  At Ellington Timepiece we have started our very own movement. A movement that many people face but all too often in silence. We want to be a voice for those who may not be able to speak.   ​ #Yourstoryetp, is a movement for those who have their own story and who […]