Time is of the essence when saving lives.

 Recently, I was honoured with a tour of the Redcar RNLI lifeboat station. The work that these brave volunteers do to keep our coastlines safe is nothing short of heroic. The stations and crew are run entirely by charitable donations and yet they provide an essential service. Alarmingly I was told that their call out for mental health related rescues and retrievals is now around 60% This has been an alarming increase over the last few years.

In July, this year, the Redcar station is holding a fundraising flag day. These events are crucial in providing the essential equipment for each volunteer which must be made-to-measure as well as the vital equipment to keep the station and rescue vehicles running.

I am proud to support this cause, especially because they are now dealing with so many mental health related callouts. To help with their fund raising in July, we have donated a Silver-Men’s and Silver-Women’s Amare watch, which will be auctioned on the day. All the proceeds from these watches will go directly to the Redcar station. But we can all do so much more. So, come along on July 18th and help support the RNLI in anyway you can.

To donate to the Redcar RNLI please visit- www.facebook.com/RedcarRNLI/