To Make A Change

Here at Ellington Timepiece we want to be the brand that makes a change and raises awareness. As you may know plastic has become a great problem in the world today. With more plastic and garbage entering the ocean, more than one million sea creatures are killed every year. According to a report from the Guardian an estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since the 1950s.

When you purchase one of our watches you can be sure we are doing our best to try and make a change. We have recently invested in biodegradable bubble wrap, ensuring that when your Amare watch is en route to you, it is well protected and will not affect the ocean. We are currently in the process to find alternatives to our postage materials. We encourage any waste to be disposed of correctly.

Our Amare boxes are made from paper to help reduce the plastic waste. Rest assured the Amare box is created to a luxury feel and sturdiness that can be proudly placed on your desk, shelf or vanity table and it’s a product you can be proud of.