Why Ellington Timepiece?

Ellington Timepiece are the first watch line which is limited to only 100 of each colour watch in a collection that comes with a wax sealed authenticity certificate. Our motto is ” Quality over quantity” . Each watch is professionally made and thoroughly checked before being sent out. Once the collection is sold out, there will never be the same design available again. Ensure your exclusivity before they are gone…

The Amare Collection

Welcome to the second collection from Ellington Timepiece, the Amare Collection. Each watch is limited to 100 of each colour and comes with an exclusive wax sealed authenticity numbered certificate. Each watch has been created with quality and reliability.

Ensure your exclusive Amare before they are sold out.

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Amare Watches

Black Amare Watch


Amare Watches

Men’s Gold Amare


Amare Watches

Men’s Silver Amare


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